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Episode-96- Wisdom about public policy issues from William John Henry Boetcker

In this show you will hear my comments about ten maxims originally recorded by Rev. Boetcker almost 100 years ago but still very applicable to current public policy issues.

First are a few of my election 2012 comments: Election results reflect the will of the people . If we want different results it starts with […]

Government shuts down a young entrepreneur to protect property tax revenues

Periodically on The Legacy Podcast I like to point out the way in which government and other organizations infringe on the rights of individuals and free markets. Here is the latest one. What makes this most tragic is that this young entrepreneur had saved his capital to invest it in business (which is what capitalism […]

014- Where have all our Freedoms gone?

In this episode I ramble on about the ever intrusive government into our lives.

Sometimes it is good to pause and look at how invasive the government intrusion is in our day to day activities.

Are you free to live in whatever and whereever you want? Are you free to own whatever pet you want? […]

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