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Episode – 182 The State and a Tick

This is a short episode wherby I compare the State to a Tick. Sometimes we become so use to having an authority in the civil government that is supose to be good for us that we fail to realize the destructive nature of the State. Hopefully this helps.


If you like the show there […]

Episode-105- Reflections on the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

In this episode you will hear a few of my thoughts about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school this last week. Here is the outline of what I talk about.

First, it is an n Unspeakable Tragedy.

Second, it demonstrates the depravity of man

Third, it demonstrates the hypocrisy of public policy and […]

007- Three Threats to Liberty

In this episode I cover what I believe are three critical threats to our liberty.

1. The wrong mindset. The mindset of dependence on government, employers, parents, etc. is pervasive and problematic. So is the mindset of victomization and the entitlement mindset. The mindset of fear has also caused us to loose our personal liberties. […]

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