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Episode-94- The Father as a Priest In His Home

Join me for today’s show where I talk about the role of the father as a priest in his home. Learn about the three roles of a priest (a worship leader, a consecrated example, and an intercessor) and how these three roles can be played out in the context of ones home and family.

Resources […]

Episode-90- The Father as a Prophet to His Home

In this show I talk about the role of the father as prophet. A prophet of God is one who speaks God’s Word with faith and persuasion. As such, the father is to speak to his family God’s message for them with faith and persuasion. This can be done in many way in this show […]

Episode-85- The Father as King of His Home

The father is to serve in his family as King, Prophet, and Priest. In this show you will hear some ways in which the father can exercise his role as king in his home. Join me as we look at 5 ways the father does this.

The father leads his family The father provides for […]

Episode-79- Tested Character

In this show you will hear a message from Genesis 42-44 where Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt to buy grain and how Joseph tests the character in the process. The Outline is as follows


1)The first set of tests 42

The ten sons of Jacob go to Egypt to buy grain 1-5 […]

Episode-68- Principles for Order in the Home

In this episode you will hear a short discussion about sixteen principles that we try to follow in our home to keep order. Many of these principles are direct applications from the ten commands and others are general biblical principles. Some of them are simply practical. My goal is that you take these and adapt […]

Episode-50- Interview with Eli Jones about Courtship

In this show you will hear an interview with Eli Jones. I had the privilege of residing over the marriage of Eli and Allison a few years back and was impressed with the process of courtship that they went through. As a result, I wanted to bring him on TLP to talk about courtship. We […]

Episode-49- Interview with Doug Pruiett

In this episode I interview Doug Pruiett who has recently started a family business. I interview him on why and how he started his business with the hope to inspire others to start a family business where the next generation can be discipled, learn a trade, and contribute to society and the church.

Pruiett and […]

Episode-48- A Good Father and His Relationship To His Son, John 5:17-31

In this episode you will hear a message I delivered at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church for Father’s Day from John 5:17-31 on A Good Father and His Relationship to His Son. The outline is as follows:

A Good Father Works with the Son to Accomplish Their Mission 5:17 A Good Father Sets an Example for […]

039- Interview with Scott Brown

Join me in this episode as I talk with Scott Brown. Scott T. Brown is the director of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches and elder at Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Scott graduated from California State University in Fullerton with a degree in History and received a Master of Divinity […]

031- Your Legacy Drawer

In this show we talk about your legacy drawer. This is a folder, drawer, or some other devise that can hold all your important documents. I discuss the reasons for having a legacy drawer as well as what to put into the drawer. You can see a list of most of the items I recommend […]

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