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Episode 180 – Acts 2 Pentecost

In this show you will hear a recording of a message I preached at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Acts 2 on the Pentecost. The outline is as follows:

The Timing of Pentecost The Power of Pentecost The Manifestation of Pentecost The Reason for Pentecost The Results of Pentecost

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Episode – 160 John 1:1-8 The Incarnation

Join me in this episode for an exposition of John 1:1-18. This begins a series I am preaching at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church on the 50 essential New Tesament passages. It also coincides with the focus in December on the first Advent of Christ specifically the incarnation. It is my hope that this will help […]

Episode-99- Be Strong and Courageous

In this show you will hear a recording of the message I preached to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church this last Sunday from Joshua 1. Joshua 1 records the transition of leadership to Joshua after the death of Moses. In it Joshua is commanded to be strong and courageous. The details of the […]

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