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Review of Abundaculture

I want to start providing reviews of Legacy building resources for you and here is the first one.
This is a review of the book Abundaculture by Jack Dody.  It has as a subtitle "Pathways to God's Abundance".  The value of this resources can not be minimized for anyone interested in self sufficiency, especially from a Christian perspective.  The details of the book cover such topics as solar energy, means of producing good food, methods of harvesting clean water, safe, sanitary, and inexpensive housing, recycling waste including gray water and compost toilets.  Here are some of the strengths of the book:

  • Because the books was written to help missionaries and undeveloped countries the methods and materials used are inexpensive, practical, and simply designed.
  • There are periodic lists called "Steps on the Pathway to Abundance" at each section of the book that are great outlines often related to God's provision and design for abundance.
  • The principles are based on God's provision in His Creation
  • Much of the book is written from first hand experience by the author.  In other words, these are not just hopeful methods but tried and true methods.
  • Although the whole system is integrated together the various ideas can also be used individually which means that the reader can take steps in their own time and in accordance with their own needs and not have to do everything at once.  It is project intensive book.

The only thing I wish is that I would have read this book several years ago before I built my homestead.  A special thanks to Jack Dody of Christian Homestead Association for allowing me to offer this book for free download under the documents section.  Better than downloading it here however is to check out Jack's site and download it there.  He offers personalized advise on building homesteads you may be interested in as well.

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