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Episode-98- Cultural Capital

In this show we complete the series on the varies forms of capital.  This last type of capital is Cultural Capital.  First I review the eight different types or capital discussed.

Social Capital
Material Capital
Financial Capital
Living Capital
Intellectual Capital
Experiential (Human) Capital
Spiritual Capital
Cultural Capital

I then discuss what Cultural Capital is.

Then I discuss the uniqueness of Cultural Capital

This is followed by looking at several different examples of groups that form their own unique cultural capital, including:

  • Family
  • In a business
  • In community
  • In an ethnic group
  • In a nation
  • Pop culture

Why is learning about and working at building more of the various kinds of capital important?
We want to build a legacy of abundance.  Abundance comes from obtaining and developing your capital.
Go back through and review the 8 forms and what you can do to develop the various forms of capital in your life.  Set some goals for each form of capital for 2013 and a plan to achieve it.

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