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Episode-97- The Golden Calf

In this show you will hear a recording of the message I preached this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Exodus 32 on the tragedy of the Golden Calf worship.   Here is the outline of the passage:

  • The Building of the Calf 1-6
  • God’s reaction to the Idolatry 7-10
  • Moses Intercedes for the people 11-14
  • Moses returns to camp with the two tablets 15-18
  • The Tablets broke out of anger over the Idolatry 19-21
  • Aaron’s lame excuse for the Idol making 22-24
  • Moses imposes discipline for the idolatry 25-29
  • Moses intercedes a second time 30-34
  • God brings judgment upon the people 35

1) God’s people must not follow the ways of the cultures around them
2) God’s people need an intercessor.
3) God’s people must take a stand against sin.
4) God’s people must expect judgment for sin

The Law cannot save or sanctify anyone.  If that was all that was needed Israel would not have sinned so soon after being delivered and promising to keep the law.
We need more than a promise to God to obey Him.
We need a new life and new heart.
We need a better Mediator than Moses.
We are provided one in Jesus.

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