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009- Thirty-two Ways to Spend Less Money

In this episode we look at step 1 of the 10 Step Wealth Building plan by briefly covering 32 ways of spending less money.  Here are the 32 ways we discussed.

  1. Have a budget and stick to it. (
  2. Eat out less often especially for lunch.  Pack your lunch.
  3. Have a list when you go shopping.
  4. Don't shop when you are hungry.
  5. Look down at the grocery store shelves.
  6. Buy in bulk whenever possible
  7. Buy only when on sale
  8. Use coupons (, Smart Source,, Money savong Moms)
  9. All else being equal buy generic
  10. Buy used if you can (Criag's list, Craig's look)
  11. Rather than buying something new see if you already have something that will work
  12. Avoid transaction fees and late fees.
  13. Use cash instead of Plastic
  14. Instead of buying try borrowing
  15. Compare prices before buying
  16. Wait 24 hours before medium and big purchaes to avoid impulsive spending.
  17. Bottle your own water
  18. Avoid vending machines
  19. Maintain your stuff
  20. Learn the art of negotiation
  21. Make it yourself if you can
  22. Redbox instead of a movie at the theatre
  23. Raise your insurance deductible if you have the cash
  24. Stay healthy to avoid medical bills
  25. Heat/cool yourself not your surroundings.
  26. Grow your own food
  27. Reuse things,
  28. Don't buy extended warrantees
  29. Better insulate your house
  30. Avoid costly habits
  31. Don't play the Lotto
  32. Barter instead of buying.

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