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Episode-83- Intellectual Capital

In this show we discuss the 6th of 8 forms of capital first discussed by Ethan C. Roland of Appleseed Permaculture
which is intellectual capital.  Here is an outline of what is discussed.

What is Intellectual Capital: The knowledge that you have on any particular subject specifically and all things combined generally.

Some benefits of intellectual capital

Cannot be taken away

A tornado can wipe out your material capital
An economic depression can wipe out financial capital
A drought or plague can wipe our your living capital
But unless you have an accident and get amnesia or acquire alzheimers at your old age you will not loose you intellectual capital

Can be acquired readily today by use of the internet

There is so much information available today through the internet.
There are whole courses on subjects
There classics online in audio and eBook form
YouTube how to..

Can bring leverage to all the other assets

For example, the knowledge on how to increase your rabbit yield will help your living capital
The knowledge of economic cycles can help increase your financial capital.

Some things to consider

  • Intellectual capital must be applied to be most valuable
  • A PhD with our experience and application is simply a piece of paper.
  • Investing in intellectual capital is one of the few forms of capital that is concentrated on one own self development which results in a exponential benefit.
    • For example, if you invest some financial capital to acquire some living capital like some fruit trees that is a trade of one thing for another of personal property.
    • Where as if you invest some financial capital into some books that you read and apply what is learned in those books you and that to which you apply the knowledge benefits.

How to acquire more intellectual capital

The Traditional route

  • school
  • trade school
  • college
  • university
  • take advantage of these opportunities to learn something. Do not consider what you are doing as meaningless, consider it as building your intellectual captial.

Non Traditional route

    • Internet
    • E-books
    • Audios
    • Online courses
      • For example Liberty classroom
    • ie. podcasts
    • ie. audio books
    • ie. online articles

What to do?

  • Consider where you have areas of expertise
  • Consider where you would want to learn more
  • Evaluate where and how you intend to acquire the needed intellectual capital.

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