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Episode-79- Tested Character

In this show you will hear a message from Genesis 42-44 where Joseph's brothers go to Egypt to buy grain and how Joseph tests the character in the process.  The Outline is as follows


1)The first set of tests 42

    1. The ten sons of Jacob go to Egypt to buy grain 1-5
    2. Joseph tests them by accusing them of being spies 6-17
    3. He tests them again by keeping Simeon in prison while the rest get sent home 18-24
    4. He tests them further by returning their silver in their bags 25-28
    5. Jacob is told of the events but refuses to send Benjamin 29-38

2)The second set of tests 43-44

  1. The dilemma of need for more grain but not wanting to risk Benjamin 1-7
  2. Benjamin is entrusted to Judah 8-14
  3. The journey to Egypt 15-25
  4. Joseph dines with his brothers 26-34
  5. Joseph prepares another test 44:1-5
  6. The brothers particularly Benjamin are trapped 6-13
  7. The brothers are humbled 14-17
  8. Judah intercedes in behalf of Benjamin 18-34


  • Proven Character requires Testing               .
  • Proven Character requires taking personal Responsibility                            .
  • Proven Character admits personal Sins                        .
  • Proven Character expresses selfless Love.

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