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Episode-77- Prison to Palace

Today's show is a recording of the message I preached this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 41. The outline of the message is as follows:

  1. Pharaoh’s two dreams which no one can interpret 1-8
  2. The Cupbearer finally remembers Joseph 9-13
  3. Joseph is called and told the dreams 14-24
  4. Joseph interprets the dreams 25-32
  5. Joseph gives advice based on the dreams 33-36
  6. Pharaoh likes the advice and promotes Joseph 37-45
  7. Joseph prospers and makes Egypt prosper 44-57

The major principles from the text are these:

  1. We must not loose Faith even though it seems like God is not at work.
  2. God is Superior to all the philosophies, scientists, and religions of the world.
  3. We must take Advantage of opportunities that are given us to increase our influence because only the strong can help the weak.
  4. It is Wise to plan ahead.
  5. He who is Faithful over the little things will be given more responsibility.
  6. No matter how successful we become we must not Forget our God.

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