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007- Three Threats to Liberty

In this episode I cover what I believe are three critical threats to our liberty.

1. The wrong mindset.  The mindset of dependence on government, employers, parents, etc. is pervasive and problematic.  So is the mindset of victomization and the entitlement mindset. The mindset of fear has also caused us to loose our personal liberties.  We should only be dependent on God and take personal responsibility.

2. Fake money.  The money that we use today is like Monopoly money.  Real money is Silver and Gold.  We are penelized from using real money today.  Our fake money has lost 97% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve started in 1913.  We must prevent counterfitting at the government level.

3. Majority rule. No government will preserve our liberties, we must continually fight for them.  Majority rule is the imposition of force from some to others.  Christians force others through the government to their detriment.

To purchase gold and silver consider Europacific precious metals

For research on the Federal Reserve read End the Fed by Ron Paul (you can find a link in the recommended reading page.)

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