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Episode-68- Principles for Order in the Home

In this episode you will hear a short discussion about sixteen principles that we try to follow in our home to keep order.  Many of these principles are direct applications from the ten commands and others are general biblical principles.  Some of them are simply practical.  My goal is that you take these and adapt them to your home to help order your household.  The sixteen principles discussed are:

  1. You will seek the Glory God above all else.
  2. You will be treated to the level of your displayed maturity
  3. You will reap what we sow.
  4. You will be responsible for your own and others property that you use.
  5. You will speak the truth to one another in love.
  6. You will complete your work before you play.
  7. You will get more freedom as you show more responsibility.
  8. You will obey your parents; quickly, completely, and joyfully
  9. You will treat others kindly according to the golden rule.
  10. You will limit your actions according to the environment.
  11.  You will be generous with your time and possessions
  12.  You will be courageous in your attempts
  13.  You will engage in constructive activities when you have idle time on your hands
  14.   You will use the computer for production, instruction, or communication (except for the one hour of electronic entertainment per day.)
  15.  You will not expect equal shares or fairness
  16.  You will disciple yourself to follow these principles or be disciplined by someone else.

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