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Episode-56- Twelve Things You Can Do To Advance Your Personal Liberty

Happy 4th of July.  In honor of the celebration of Independence day here in the US in this show I will talk about 12 things that you ca do to advance your personal liberty.  You may be already be doing some of these things which is great.  If not, pick one or two of them and make a commitment with yourself to get them done this year.  Join me today as I talk about the following:

  1. Start learning from the Campaign for Liberty education site.
  2. Get a firearm and learn to use it
  3. Plant some food bearing seeds or plants
  4. Find a local farmer and start buying from him
  5. Donate your time or money to a liberty advancing cause.
  6. If you are a Christian share the Gospel with someone.
  7. Go to 48 Days. Get the book No More Mondays and start working on starting your own business.
  8. Pay off some debt
  9. Start savings some money
  10. Learn a self sufficient skill
  11. Consider homeschooling your kids this next year
  12. Opt out of whatever you can

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