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Episode-52- The Fall Genesis 3

Genesis 3 is the beginning of the fall of mankind.  It records the original sin of Adam and Eve.  In this show you will hear a recording of the message I delivered to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 3.  The outline is as follows:

  • 1) The Tempter 1-5
    • His methods
      • 1) He exploited their being exposed, He took advantage of their vulnerability.
      • 2) He went around God’s ordained order.
      • 3) He instilled doubt in the Word of God
  •  2) The Sin 6
    • The rationalization
    • The woman’s sin
    • The man’s sin
  • 3) The Results of the Sin
    • 1) Intimacy between each other was hindered 7
    • 2) Intimacy between them and God was hindered 8-11
    • 3) Blame 12-13
    • 4) Serpents curse 14-15
    • 5) Woman’s curse 16
    • 6) Man’s curse 17-19
    • 7) Man and Woman’s curse 20-24

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