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005- Building the B.E.S.T. Marriage for a Family Legacy

This show is about building a strong marriage.  Most of the material is taken from the book

Love Life for Every Married Couple  by Ed Wheat, MD. and Gloria Okes Perkins

Essential to having the BEST marriage



Do not curse or wish bad to your spouse but only good

Be empathetic and understanding

Live in harmony

Do not think you are better than your spouse

Do not repay evil with evil

Be careful to do what your spouse considers to be right

As far as is possible live peacefully with your spouse

Never take revenge

Consistently do kind things for each other even if it is only one sided

Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.


9 ways to edify

1. Make a commitment to never again be critical of partner

2. Study your partner to see where he/she needs to be built up

3. Think everyday of positive qualities you admire in your mate

4. Consistently, genuinely specifically, and generously verbalize praise and appreciation for your partner

5. Recognize your partners accomplishments and give proper respect for them.

6. Husbands always keep your attention on your wife never another woman

7. Wives always show your husband that he is the most important person your life, value his opinions and judgements.

8. Respond to each other physically and facially.  Smile and charm each other.

9. Be courteous and well mannered to each other.


four areas in which you can grow in oneness as you share together

1. Common ground.

2. Separate ground

3 New ground one

4. New ground for both



1. communicate with each other what touches feel good when.  Don’t touch like you want to be touched but like your partner wants to be

2. touch without it leading to sex

3. practice the 10 second kiss

4. maintain a positive attitude and willingness to initiate as well as receive

5. slow down

6. appreciate the differences between your bodies

8. touch skin to skin as much as possible.

9. spend some time everyday cuddling


Hope that helps you take some steps to creating the best marriage you can.  A strong marriage is a legacy to pass on to your kids.

What will you do today to build your legacy?

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