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Episode-49- Interview with Doug Pruiett

In this episode I interview Doug Pruiett who has recently started a family business.  I interview him on why and how he started his business with the hope to inspire others to start a family business where the next generation can be discipled, learn a trade, and contribute to society and the church.

Pruiett and Sons is a “father and sons” business that hand-crafts farm-style dining tables, benches, coffee tables, and more.
Doug spent seventeen years as an aerospace engineer at Cape Canaveral, working in the design and testing of long-range nuclear missiles.
In 1996 He went into full-time Christian work as a missionary, then pastor, and now an assistant VP of information technology for a Good News Jail and Prison Ministry.
He has always maintained his engineering interests and work in his Christian assignments.  “My sons and I were taught the building and carpentry trades by a master-carpenter for over five years. One of my first lessons was that buildings (and most other things) do not require aerospace tolerances. Once I quit using a micrometer on everything, I began to build some nice things in a reasonable amount of time.”

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