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Episode-47- The Theft of Property Taxes

In this show I talk about my encounter with a county worker who took my tax money this morning about the difference between theft and property taxes.

I ask the question: What is the difference between Theft and Taxes?

I also discuss what I consider some important principles relating to this subject.
1) The government should not be allowed to do what private citizens are not able to do
2) The threat of force to get what you want is wrong in all accounts except self defense
3) Mandatory participation in a program creates a monopoly and monopoly of service increases cost and decreases service
4) If you could loose it if you don’t pay the tax means you really don’t own it.
5) Taxes are doubly bad because they not only reduce your power but empowers the state

In the next section of the show I address some objections to the statement that Taxes and Theft are the same

  • You can choose to not own a property
  • You get the benefit
  • It is not that much
  • We have to support the government somehow.
  • You can live somewhere else.

Finally I offer some solutions.

  • Dialogue with others about this issue.
  • Voluntary contributions for select services
  • Allow for competitive services
  • Allow for complete opt out

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