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Episode-46- The Consumer Side of Food Legacy

In this show I talk about the Consumer side of food legacy.  I address 6 considerations for those who are not producing their own food but want to be good stewards of resources
Why this is an important topic?

  1. Not everyone is able to produce significant amounts of their own food.
  2. Someone else had to produce the food you eat

6 Considerations

1. Consider your option

2.Consider the complexity of food production

  • Various terms
  • organic
  • all natural
  • naturally grown
  • grass fed/ grass finished
  • free range
  • cage free
  • humanely treated
  • grain fed
  • non-gmo
  • heirloom
  • Hybrid
  • Hormone free
  • raw vs pasteurized milk
  • no till
  • permaculture
  • sustainable
  • authentic

3. Consider the season and location

4. Consider real cost of the food

5. Consider food preservation

6. Consider the needs of the producer

Resources for More Information

10 Reasons to buy local



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