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037- Filling your Spouses Love Bank

In this episode I talk about filling your spouses love bank by loving him or her the way he or she wants.  This material is taken from Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages  and Willard F. Harley, Jr.'s book Fall in Love Stay in Love and revised by me.

Here are the 10 desires that people have in marriage.

  1. The Desire for Affection
  2. The Desire for Communication
  3. The Desire for Domestic support
  4. The Desire for Family Support
  5. The Desire for Financial Support
  6. The Desire for Physical Attractiveness
  7. The Desire for Sexual Fulfillment
  8. The Desire for Spiritual Leadership
  9. The Desire for Time together
  10. The Desire for Unexpected Surprises

What to do?

  1. Find out from your spouse what are his or her top 3-4 desires
  2. Communicate your top 3-4 desires
  3. Make a commitment to work at achieving the top 3-4
  4. Seek to be filled with God’s love so that you do not need the love of spouse to give love.

You can Learn more about the 5 love languages here and purchase the book below


You can Learn more about Fall in Love and Stay in Love at the Marriage Builder website and pruchase the book below

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