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014- Where have all our Freedoms gone?

In this episode I ramble on about the ever intrusive government into our lives.

Sometimes it is good to pause and look at how invasive the government intrusion is in our day to day activities.

  • Are you free to live in whatever and whereever you want?
  • Are you free to own whatever pet you want?
  • Are you free to drive whatever wherever you want?
  • Are you free to support yourself and your family any way you want?
  • Are you free to defend yourself with any "arms" you deem necessary?
  • Are you free to buy and eat whatever foods you want?
  • Are you free to educate your kids any way you see fit?

The answer to all these questions is an astounding NO.   Where have all our freedoms gone?

We must be the generation that restores freedom to our land or we will be passing on a legacy of lack not abundance!

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