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Episode – 135 Wisdom from the Proverbs Part 2

This is part 2 of Wisdom from Proverbs.  The second part of Proverbs is a potpourri of topics with vary little thematic structure.  Yet there is a great deal of wisdom that helps us to develop a sound world view which is one of the tenants of the building a multi-generational legacy of abundance.  This is a continuation of the series of the Essential 100 Bible passages from which I have been preaching.  Thus this is a message of the mos recent sermon I delivered to the people of   Mt. Tabor Baptist Church the church in which I currently pastor.  I hope you find it helpful in building your world view so that you can build your legacy.  The themes that are found in Proverbs 17-19 is below:
1) Relationships

  • Fighting and quarrels
  • Friendships
  • Children
  • Marriage

2) Laziness

3) Speech

  • Speaking falsehoods
  • Listening more than speaking
  • Power of the tongue
  • Gossip

4) Learning                                   .

5) Money

  • Living beyond your means,
  • Dishonest gain
  • Giftedness,
  • Wealth in comparison.

6) Justice                                       .

  • Rewarding the wrong thing
  • Partiality
  • Judgment before the all the facts
  • Mercy
  • False witness


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