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Episode-119 David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17 is probably the most popular story of the Old Testament.  It is told to children over and over and over again in every children Bible book to where almost every child can tell you about the huge size of Goliath and the courage of David.  It is indeed a story of courage and faith as well as fear and doubt.  I believe the context tells us that the main theme of the event is perspective.  We can either see things from man's perspective of God's.  The outline of the text is as follows:

  • The Battle Lines Set 1-3
  • Goliath’s Challenge 4-11
  • Saul and Israel’s response 11
  • David comes to the Israelite camp 12-19
  • David evaluates the situation 20-26
  • David ridiculed by his brother 27-30
  • David and Saul interact 31-39
  • David and Goliath interact 40-47
  • David and Goliath battle 48-51
  • Israel defeats and plunders the Philistines 51-54
  • Saul finds out who David is and meets him 55-58

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