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Episode-118 We Want a King

When people get frustrated with their current government they want a new one.  Israel, during the time of Samuel, was in such a situation.  They were suppose to have God as their LORD but rejected Him and wanted a king as Lord like the nations around them.  1 Samuel chapter 8 teaches four important truths about our relationship between God and government.  Here is the outline and principles:


  • Israel Demands a King 8
  • Saul Chosen as King 9:1-26
  • Saul Anointed as King 9:27-10:16
  • Saul Proclaimed King 10:17-27
  • Saul Victorious as King 11
  • Saul Fails as King 13-15


  • Submission to God requires accepting you will be Different than others.
  • God often allows us what we want in our rebellion as a means of Discipline and learning.
  • Human governments Abuse power.
  • God in His providence uses even Rebellious requests for His glory.

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