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Episode-110- Interview with my Dad about Family History and Genealogy Research

My family was blessed this week with a visit from my Dad, Joe Donahue,  who lives in Oregon.  I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about researching family history and genealogy since he has been doing so for about 15 years.  Here is what I asked him.

  • What got you interested in researching genealogy and our family history?
  • What should someone who is new to researching family history do to begin?
  • What are some resources that can be used to help in the research process?
  • What are some interesting stories you have learned about our family from doing your research?
  • What significance do you think there is in learning about your family history?
  • How do you think learning about your family history honors your family.



Resources for Genealogy research
- This site allows a number of searches and is tied in with which is a fee based site of the LDS church that has the largest databases, including many microfilms of the original church and civil records of many countries.  It also has the IGI [International genealogy Index] that is all the data on families submitted by members of the LDS church and often has info on family members not affiliated with the LDS church.  As with all info found on other sites, it is a good starting place and provides hints, but accuracy must always be checked.

h For genealogy in the United States after 1892, this site contains the names of all immigrants that entered the US through Ellis Island in New York.

The Castle Garden site contains some ship passenger lists and some immigration records before that time [from 1820-1892]. - This site is a general forum site for all the states in the US for discussions and databases dealing with genealogy. - This site is affiliated with shown above and with Family Tree Maker a software database for family genealogy that has places for information, citations, photos and other items as well as the ability to produce reports of various forms. - This site is probably the oldest continuous genealogy database and list compilation in various groupings for ease in use and is a must for any aspiring genealogist. - This site offers some census research and records without a fee. This site has all the records for original land patents issued by the US federal government.  It is searchable by name and state and contains over 5 million images of title records between 1820 and the present. This site is also an original genealogy site that has been in existence for a good deal of time.  It is now also affiliated with discussed above. This site is an example of one of many "one-name" sites dealing with all those interested in history and genealogy whose names are derived from the Gaelic O'Donnehadha. and These two sites and [affiliated with] contain accessible images of newspapers and search indexes to locate images by name.  The Library of Congress also has newspaper images and many other research tools and information. This is the US Federal Government's site for accessing archival records.  There are regional research centers as well as the national center of the National Archives in Washington D.C. where individuals can go to do research. This site has passenger lists for many of the ships that arrived in America and helps to find immigration information.

Many countries have multiple sites for genealogy and genealogical research.  One example for Ireland is

Resources for Today's Show:



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