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The Second Amendment in Action

I recently came across this video and thought that many of you may be interested in watching it.  Unless we are able to maintain freedom in our land we will leave a legacy of tyranny and lack.  This is a good reminder of why we have the second amendment.

The Real Problem with our Economy

This video speaks for itself and is a must see.

Ron Paul on War

Here is a great video of Ron Paul before Congress explaining time and time again the problems with war and our foreign policy.  It is a long video but well worth listening to.

Government shuts down a young entrepreneur to protect property tax revenues

Periodically on The Legacy Podcast I like to point out the way in which government and other organizations infringe on the rights of individuals and free markets.  Here is the latest one.  What makes this most tragic is that this young entrepreneur had saved his capital to invest it in business (which is what capitalism is all about), had negotiated a win win situation with the private owner on whose property he was  operating, had submitted all the proper government paperwork, and still is told he can't do business there.  We should be looking to this boy as a hero not a problem.  It the restaurants cannot compete with a boy and a hotdog stand so have to get the government involved they have real problem and probably should go out of business.

Soil Block/Cube Maker Review

Below you will find a short review of two different soil block/cube makers.  Soil blocks are a great way to start seeds because they prevent much of the transplant shock, keep from having to keep all kinds of plastic trays around or purchase new ones each year, and they enhance germination because of the moisture of the cubes.  The two that I reviewed are Johnny's Soil Block Maker, and Clayton Jacobs' Soil Cube Tool.

Be sure to view the comparison chart below.

soil cube comparison

Note that Johnny's has different size and compatibility available which are nice and Jacobs' has a cube moving tool which is a helpful accessory.

Compost Sifter

Here is a video of a compost sifter I made today.

Solar Dehydrator

Hey everyone.  I built a solar dehydrator recently and wanted to show you all what the almost finished product looks like.  It was a pretty simple construction.  I had most of the material laying around already.  I tried one batch of mint in in already and it turned out pretty good.  I will try the tea tonight.  The great thing about a solar dehydrator is all the energy is passive.

The Importance of Mulch

Here is a video I took of two places in the garden one with mulch and one without.  The contrast is significant.

Broadfork Review

In this video I give a broadfork review by comparing and contrasting the Bully Tools broadfork and Valley Oak Tools broadfork.  A broadfork is a great tool for the gardener to work the ground to a deeper depth than a tiller while at the same time not destroying the soil structure.

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