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New Item to Legacy Partner Page

The Legacy Partner Program has just gotten better.  I recently completed a booklet for wives called "Love your Husband from A-Z".  This booklet is designed as a devotional to help wives intentionally and practically love their husbands.  If you have been considering becoming a legacy partner you may want to with this added resource.

Joel Salatin on Imperialism and Farming

I recently came across these comments from Joel Salatin on imperialism and farming.  Sad insights into what our imperial leaders think.

Joel Salatin
Aug. 18, 2013

Why do we need more farmers? What is the driving force behind USDA policy? In an infuriating epiphany
I have yet to metabolize, I found out Wednesday in a private policy-generation meeting with Virginia Democratic
gubernatorial candidate Terry McCauliffe. I did and still do consider it a distinct honor for his staff to invite me as
one of the 25 dignitaries in Virginia Agriculture for this think-tank session in Richmond.

It was a who's who of Virginia agriculture: Farm Bureau, Va. Agribusiness Council, Va. Forestry Association,
Va. Poultry Federation, Va. Cattlemen's Ass., deans from Virginia Tech and Virginia State--you get the picture.
It was the first meeting of this kind I've ever attended that offered no water. The only thing to drink were soft drinks.
Lunch was served in styrofoam clam shells--Lay's potato chips, sandwiches, potato salad and chocolate chip cookie.
It didn't look very safe to me, so I didn't partake. But I'd have liked a drink of water. In another circumstance, I might
eat this stuff, but with these folks, felt it important to make a point. Why do they all assume nobody wants water,
nobody cares about styrofoam, everybody wants potato chips and we all want industrial meat-like slabs on white bread?

But I digress. The big surprise occurred a few minutes into the meeting: US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
walked in. He was in Terry McCauliffe love-in mode. And here is what he told us: for the first time--2012-- rural America
lost population in real numbers--not as a percentage but in real numbers. It's down to 16 percent of total population.

I'm sitting there thinking he's going to say that number needs to go up so we have more people to love and
steward the landscape. More people to care for earthworms. More people to grow food and fiber. Are you ready
for the shoe to drop? The epiphany? What could the US Secretary of Agriculture, at the highest strategic planning
sessions of our land, be challenged by other leaders to change this figure, to get more people in rural America, to
encourage farming and help more farms get started? What could be the driving reason to have more farmers?
Why does he go to bed at night trying to figure out how to increase farmers? How does the President and other
cabinet members view his role as the nation's farming czar? What could be the most important contribution that
increasing farmers could offer to the nation? Better food? Better soil development? Better care for animals?
Better care for plants?

Are you ready? Here's his answer: although rural America only has 16 percent of the population, it gives
40 percent of the personnel to the military. Say what? You mean when it's all said and done, at the end of the
day, the bottom line--you know all the cliches--the whole reason for increasing farms is to provide cannon
fodder for American imperial might. He said rural kids grow up with a sense of wanting to give something back,
and if we lose that value system, we'll lose our military might.

So folks, it all boils down to American military muscle. It's not about food, healing the land, stewarding
precious soil and resources; it's all about making sure we keep a steady stream of youngsters going into the
military. This puts an amazing twist on things. You see, I think we should have many more farmers, and have
spent a lifetime trying to encourage, empower, and educate young people to go into farming. It never occurred
to me that this agenda was the key to American military power.

Lest I be misread, I am not opposed to defending family. I am not opposed to fighting for sacred causes.
I am violently opposed to non-sacred fighting and meddling in foreign countries, and building empires. The
Romans already tried that and failed.

But to think that my agenda is key to building the American military--now that's a cause for pause. I will
redouble my efforts to help folks remember why we need more farmers. It's not to provide cannon fodder for
Wall Street imperialistic agendas. It's to grow food that nourishes, land that's aesthetically and aromatically
sensually romantic, build soil, hydrate raped landscapes, and convert more solar energy into biomass than
nature would in a static state. I can think of many, many righteous and noble reasons to have more farms.
Why couldn't he have mentioned any of these? Any?

No, the reason for more farms is to make sure we get people signing up at the recruitment office. That's
the way he sees me as a farmer. Not a food producer. When the president and his cabinet have their private
conflabs, they don't see farmers as food producers, as stewards of the landscape, as resource leveragers.
No, they view us as insurance for military muscle, for American empire building and soldier hubris. Is this
outrageous? Do I have a right to be angry? Like me, this raw and bold show of the government's farming
agenda should make us all feel betrayed, belittled, and our great nation besmirched.

Perhaps, just perhaps, really good farms don't feed this military personnel pipeline. I'd like to think our
kind of farming has more righteous goals and sacred objectives. Vilsack did not separate good farmers from
bad farmers. Since we have far more bad farmers than good ones, perhaps the statistic would not hold up
if we had more farmers who viewed the earth as something to heal instead of hurt, as a partner to caress
instead of rape. That America's farms are viewed by our leaders as just another artery leading into military
might is unspeakably demeaning and disheartening.

Tragically, I don't think this view would change with a different Democrat or Republican. It's entrenched
in the establishment fraternity. Thomas Jefferson, that iconic and quintessential agrarian intellectual, said
we should have a revolution about every half century just to keep the government on its toes. I'd say we're
long overdue.

Now when you see those great presidentially appointed cabinet members talking, I just want you to think
about how despicable it is that behind the facade, behind the hand shaking and white papers, in the private
by-invitation-only inner circles of our country, movers and shakers know axiomatically that farms are really
important to germinate more military personnel. That no one in that room with Terry McCauliffe, none of those
Virginia farm leaders, even blinked when he said that is still hard for me to grasp. They accepted it as truth,
probably saying "Amen, brother" in their hearts. True patriots, indeed.

It'll take me awhile to get over this, and believe me, I intend to shout this from the housetops. I'll incorporate
in as many public speeches as I can because I think it speaks to the heart of food and farming. It speaks to
the heart of strength and security; which according to our leaders comes from the end of a gun, not from the
alimentary canal of an earthworm. Here's to more healthy worms.

Gurneys is no longer an affiliate

Greetings everyone.  This is a quick post to let you know that Gurneys is no longer an affiliate.  I still consider them a good company and endorse their products and service but they have discontinued their affiliate program with everyone myself included.  Therefore you will no longer find their banner on the center right column of the website.  If any of you have a recommendation for a replacement let me know at  Thanks.

The Second Amendment in Action

I recently came across this video and thought that many of you may be interested in watching it.  Unless we are able to maintain freedom in our land we will leave a legacy of tyranny and lack.  This is a good reminder of why we have the second amendment.

Introducing a new vendor for the Legacy Partners

Hey everyone.  I am excited to introduce to you Lee's Manufacturing Company.  They are the newest addition to the legacy partner vendors.  They are offering a 10% discount to all the legacy partners.  They provide unique, time-saving garden and kitchen related products.  Established in 1939, they are a family owned business and look forward to providing your family with corn cutters, pea shellers and nut crackers.  Check out their quality products at Lee's Manufacturing Company and then don't forget to get your 10% discount when you become a legacy partner.

A Great Example of Building A Legacy

Hey folks,

I came across this article today and wanted to pass it along.  This couple has lived a long time together and has built a legacy.  Notice what they said was the key (their faith in Jesus).

Marriage Legacy

What are you doing to build a multigenerational legacy of abundance?

Happy Thanksgiving Note to TLP Community

Hello TLP Community.

I just wanted to wish everyone of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving.  I was not able to get to the computer yesterday to get this note out to you so it is a little late but it still comes from my heart.  One of the things for which I am grateful to the Lord is the listening audience of The Legacy Podcast.  Your desire to take the effort to listen to this show means so much to me.  I am a teacher at heart and a teachers greatest joy comes from knowing that people want to learn what is being taught.  So thank you for allowing me to do that!


Steve Donahue

Ron Paul on War

Here is a great video of Ron Paul before Congress explaining time and time again the problems with war and our foreign policy.  It is a long video but well worth listening to.

Stay tuned for the next podcast

Hey everyone,

I have been fighting some congestion and tried doing the podcast today but my voice just was not strong enough.  I hope to get the next episode out soon.  Thanks for your patience.


Government shuts down a young entrepreneur to protect property tax revenues

Periodically on The Legacy Podcast I like to point out the way in which government and other organizations infringe on the rights of individuals and free markets.  Here is the latest one.  What makes this most tragic is that this young entrepreneur had saved his capital to invest it in business (which is what capitalism is all about), had negotiated a win win situation with the private owner on whose property he was  operating, had submitted all the proper government paperwork, and still is told he can't do business there.  We should be looking to this boy as a hero not a problem.  It the restaurants cannot compete with a boy and a hotdog stand so have to get the government involved they have real problem and probably should go out of business.

Soil Block/Cube Maker Review

Below you will find a short review of two different soil block/cube makers.  Soil blocks are a great way to start seeds because they prevent much of the transplant shock, keep from having to keep all kinds of plastic trays around or purchase new ones each year, and they enhance germination because of the moisture of the cubes.  The two that I reviewed are Johnny's Soil Block Maker, and Clayton Jacobs' Soil Cube Tool.

Be sure to view the comparison chart below.

soil cube comparison

Note that Johnny's has different size and compatibility available which are nice and Jacobs' has a cube moving tool which is a helpful accessory.

Power outage

Hey everyone. I wanted to get an update out to everyone since I have not done a podcast in several days. We have been without power now about 36 hours with no anticipation of soon repair. As a result I have had no use of my computer. My iPhone has an app allowing me to do this blog update but not a podcast. So stay tuned and be patient. The next episode of The Legacy Podcast will be posted soon after the power comes back on. Thanks for following TLP.

Devaluing the Dollar

I saw this come through one of my feeds and had to post it.  It shows the biggest threat we have economically, the devaluing of our dollar through Federal Reserve Policy.

Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God

Hey everyone.  I finished the book Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God a couple of weeks ago and want to recommend it to everyone who is interested in farming from a Biblical World view.  The idea of the book is to help cultivate "A Biblical Vision for God-Glorifying Agriculture" which helps to identify the content of the book.  If you are wanting a book that tells you what plants to plant and how far apart this book is probably not what you want.  However, if you are wanting a big picture visionary book you will love this one.  You might also fall under conviction reading as I did.  For me, one thing that convicted me was under the discussion about garden design where the author, Noah Saunders, indicates one purpose of a garden is beauty.  This is an area that I have not emphasized on the my farm and intend to after reading this.  You can learn more about Born-Again Dirt at the Born-Again Dirt website and you can purchase it below.

Back to Eden Film

Hey Everyone.  A friend of mine just introduced me to the film, Back to Eden.  It is an excellent movie on the importance of "covering" the soil.  The movie is exceptional for a number of reason.  First, it's quality is excellent.  The producers of the film did not skimp on quality including some fantastic shots of garden vegetables and fruit.  Second, it is from a Biblical Worldview.  The whole basis of the film is based on farming according to God's ways and Paul Gautschi (whose garden is featured in the film) openly testifies of God's providence in his gardening.  You can view the film for free online here or you can purchase it below.


Review of Abundaculture

I want to start providing reviews of Legacy building resources for you and here is the first one.
This is a review of the book Abundaculture by Jack Dody.  It has as a subtitle "Pathways to God's Abundance".  The value of this resources can not be minimized for anyone interested in self sufficiency, especially from a Christian perspective.  The details of the book cover such topics as solar energy, means of producing good food, methods of harvesting clean water, safe, sanitary, and inexpensive housing, recycling waste including gray water and compost toilets.  Here are some of the strengths of the book:

  • Because the books was written to help missionaries and undeveloped countries the methods and materials used are inexpensive, practical, and simply designed.
  • There are periodic lists called "Steps on the Pathway to Abundance" at each section of the book that are great outlines often related to God's provision and design for abundance.
  • The principles are based on God's provision in His Creation
  • Much of the book is written from first hand experience by the author.  In other words, these are not just hopeful methods but tried and true methods.
  • Although the whole system is integrated together the various ideas can also be used individually which means that the reader can take steps in their own time and in accordance with their own needs and not have to do everything at once.  It is project intensive book.

The only thing I wish is that I would have read this book several years ago before I built my homestead.  A special thanks to Jack Dody of Christian Homestead Association for allowing me to offer this book for free download under the documents section.  Better than downloading it here however is to check out Jack's site and download it there.  He offers personalized advise on building homesteads you may be interested in as well.

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