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035- Interview with Larry Horsey about Financial Education and Building a Legacy

In this episode I talk with Larry Horsey, the owner of Heroes Academy, about gaining a financial education, building a small business, and leaving a legacy.  Heroes Academy educates people on various financial products and services as well as educates licensed financial professionals on how to help others.  Join us as we discuss:

  1. What Heroes Academy does
  2. Why financial education is so important
  3. The impact that financial education can have on a family
  4. The impact on our country if families do well financially

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031- Your Legacy Drawer

In this show we talk about your legacy drawer.  This is a folder, drawer, or some other devise that can hold all your important documents.  I discuss the reasons for having a legacy drawer as well as what to put into the drawer.  You can see a list of most of the items I recommend to include in your legacy file at The legacy Drawer

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029- Thirteen Reasons to have a Will

About 70% of Americans do not have a will.  74% of parents with minor children do not have wills.  This ought not be.  Legacy builders have wills!  So today's show is a brief look at 13 reasons to acquire and keep up to date your will.  Here are the thirteen reasons to have a will:

  • 1. Property transfer with your direction,
  • 2. Guardian appointment of children by you not the state,
  • 3. Allows differing distributions,
  • 4. Allows for a naming of executor,
  • 5. Can minimize cost and delay of probate
  • 6. Can minimize the estate taxes
  • 7. Delay distributions if needed
  • 8. Bequests can be honored,
  • 9. Business transfer is simpler,
  • 10. Reduces the risk of sibling rivalry,
  • 11. Avoids unnecessary burden on survivors,
  • 12. Allows you to establish domicile,
  • 13. Allows someone else to administer your affairs if you should become unable.

027- Starting a Family Business

In this show I look at some questions you should ask yourself before starting a family business that will help you evaluate why and what kind of business you should start.  When you own your own business or work for yourself you can have more freedom, better opportunity to disciple your kids, greater influence, and more profit from your labor.  So what kind of business should you start?  To answer that you need to evaluate at least 4 things: your passion, your resources, your goals, and the market.  Join me as we discuss these today.

Be sure to check out 48 Days to get the best resources for starting a business.  You can be up and running in 48 days!

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021- A Debt Free Legacy

In this episode I go back to the 10 Step Weath plan and discuss step five, becoming debt free.  This is a shorter show but incredibly important.  Listen as I discuss the reasons why as well as the means to get out of debt.

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Basic Financial Plan Pyramid


Note: I errored in the show by calling the debt free step number three.  Rather it is step number 5.

019- A Tree as a Symbol of a Legacy

In this episode I discuss why I chose a tree as a symbol for The Legacy Podcast.  Among the many things that we can learn from a tree there are six I discuss here that relate to building a legacy.

  1. A legacy like a tree can last for generations.
  2. A legacy like a tree takes time and investment that are not often seen in the first generation.
  3. A legacy like a tree has many branches from the one trunk.
  4. A legacy like a tree has an influence or benefits that are amazing
  5. A legacy like a tree must be free to grow
  6. A legacy like a tree has great symbolism

Go Plant your Legacy Today!
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015- Mindset of a Legacy Builder

In this episode I talk about 5 aspects of the Mindset of a Legacy Builder.

Legacy Builders must be:

  1. Principled
  2. Long Term minded
  3. Responsible
  4. Humble
  5. Passionate

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013- Life Insurance in the Legacy Building Wealth Plan

In this episode I continue walking up the 10 Wealth Building Steps I started in Episode 3.

This episode answers the following questions:

  • What role does life insurance play in building a legacy?
  • What kinds of life insurance are there and what are the differences?
  • What kind of insurance do I need?
  • How to find a good insurance agent.
  • How much insurance do I need?

To reach a recommended agent contact Heroes Financial School

For more information on Life Insurance see:

011- Family Farming as Means of Building a Legacy

In this episode I discuss three reasons why a family farm can be great for building a legacy.

  • A family farm provides a great learning experience for future generations
  • A family farm provides a great healthy experience for future generations
  • A family farm provides a great asset to pass on to future generations

What kind of legacy will you leave?

009- Thirty-two Ways to Spend Less Money

In this episode we look at step 1 of the 10 Step Wealth Building plan by briefly covering 32 ways of spending less money.  Here are the 32 ways we discussed.

  1. Have a budget and stick to it. (
  2. Eat out less often especially for lunch.  Pack your lunch.
  3. Have a list when you go shopping.
  4. Don't shop when you are hungry.
  5. Look down at the grocery store shelves.
  6. Buy in bulk whenever possible
  7. Buy only when on sale
  8. Use coupons (, Smart Source,, Money savong Moms)
  9. All else being equal buy generic
  10. Buy used if you can (Criag's list, Craig's look)
  11. Rather than buying something new see if you already have something that will work
  12. Avoid transaction fees and late fees.
  13. Use cash instead of Plastic
  14. Instead of buying try borrowing
  15. Compare prices before buying
  16. Wait 24 hours before medium and big purchaes to avoid impulsive spending.
  17. Bottle your own water
  18. Avoid vending machines
  19. Maintain your stuff
  20. Learn the art of negotiation
  21. Make it yourself if you can
  22. Redbox instead of a movie at the theatre
  23. Raise your insurance deductible if you have the cash
  24. Stay healthy to avoid medical bills
  25. Heat/cool yourself not your surroundings.
  26. Grow your own food
  27. Reuse things,
  28. Don't buy extended warrantees
  29. Better insulate your house
  30. Avoid costly habits
  31. Don't play the Lotto
  32. Barter instead of buying.

007- Three Threats to Liberty

In this episode I cover what I believe are three critical threats to our liberty.

1. The wrong mindset.  The mindset of dependence on government, employers, parents, etc. is pervasive and problematic.  So is the mindset of victomization and the entitlement mindset. The mindset of fear has also caused us to loose our personal liberties.  We should only be dependent on God and take personal responsibility.

2. Fake money.  The money that we use today is like Monopoly money.  Real money is Silver and Gold.  We are penelized from using real money today.  Our fake money has lost 97% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve started in 1913.  We must prevent counterfitting at the government level.

3. Majority rule. No government will preserve our liberties, we must continually fight for them.  Majority rule is the imposition of force from some to others.  Christians force others through the government to their detriment.

To purchase gold and silver consider Europacific precious metals

For research on the Federal Reserve read End the Fed by Ron Paul (you can find a link in the recommended reading page.)

003- 10 Step Financial Legacy Plan

Here is a basic ten step financial plan to building wealth.

Basic Financial Plan Pyramid

Referenced Links

Dave Ramsey

Samaritan Ministries  For an alternative to Health Insurance

Heroes Financial School 
For information on Debt elimination program and other financial solutions.

Will Prepare a Case for the best place to get a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced medical directives done.

001- Introduction

Purpose: Help you build a Muti-generational Legacy of Abundance"

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