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247 Ephesians 6:5-9


In this show you will hear an exposition of Ephesians 6:5-9 which I recently gave to the church in which I pastor Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.  It is the third of three part series on Order in the Home.  Although the relationship discussed in this episode was originally a relationship within the home it is best to apply it now to the workplace.Bible Exposition

Bible Exposition Outline

I apologize but somewhere in transfer or recording I lost the last bit of the message.

Title: Order in the Workplace


  • Instruction to Servants 6:5-8
  • Instruction to Masters 6:9


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246 Ephesians 6:1-4


In this show you will hear an exposition of Ephesians 6:1-4 which I recently gave to the church in which I pastor Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.  It is the second of three part series on Order in the Home.  How to live a Christian life in the most intimate relationships we have.Bible Exposition

Bible Exposition Outline

Title: Order in Parenting


  • Children Obey your Parents 6:1-3
  • Fathers Train up your Children 6:4


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245 Ephesians 5:22-33


In this show you will hear an exposition of Ephesians 5:22-33 which I recently gave to the church in which I pastor Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.  It begins a three part series on Order in the Home.  How to live a Christian life in the most intimate relationships we have.Bible Exposition

Bible Exposition Outline

Title: Order in Marriage


  • Wives Respect your Husband 22-24
  • Husbands Love your Wives 25-32
  • Summary 33


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216 Interview with Andrew Fletcher on Home School Hope

I recently posted an interview I did with Andrew Fletcher at Home School Hope and thought you might want to hear it.  We talk about homeschooling, family, podcasting, and the Gospel.  For more information check out the Home School Hope.

214 Marriage Devotionals

Enhance your Marriage with a 26 day devotional

This episode of The Legacy Podcast is to introduce you two marriage devotionals I now have available through Amazon download.  I look at two sections from the book for wives and two sections from the book for husbands.  If you want to jump start the new year with a 26 day devotional to enhance your marriage these devotionals are a good place to start.  Check them out on the resource page or at the Amazon link.  Thanks for listening and hope you have a great new year!


New Item to Legacy Partner Page

The Legacy Partner Program has just gotten better.  I recently completed a booklet for wives called "Love your Husband from A-Z".  This booklet is designed as a devotional to help wives intentionally and practically love their husbands.  If you have been considering becoming a legacy partner you may want to with this added resource.

Episode – 166 Church Covenant

This episode is a review and exposition of the Baptist Church Covenant.  In our church we are required to read over the church covenant once per year and since I have not really explained in detail the church covenant since I have been at Mt. Tabor, I decided to look at it indepth and the Scripture from which it is derived.  Therefore there are a great many Bible verses that are read and explained in the message.  Hopefully this will encourage you to renew your covenant to your local church.

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Episode 151- Household Rules

Join me in this episode for an exposition of Colossians 3:18-4:1 on the subject of the household.  This is a recording of the message I preached recently to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.  There is a great deal of confusion in our culture on the roles of various people within the household.  Paul in this passage helps us to see God's plan for these roles so that we can conduct ourselves properly within the house and workplace and so transform the culture rather than be transformed by the culture.  Here is an outline of the passage and message:

  • Rules for Marriage 3:18-19
  • Rules for Parenting 3:20-21
  • Rules for the Workplace 3:22-4:1

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Episode – 148 Why Family Integrated Church

In this show I discuss 10 reasons why I support the Family Integrated Church movement.  Family Integrated Church (FIC) is the movement to provide an alternative to the systematic age-segregated contemporary church experience.  It is my hope that after hearing these 10 reasons if you are not participating in and supporting the FIC movement that you will.  Here is a summary of the 10 reasons:

  1. It is the pattern and assumption of Scripture
  2. It prevents passivity in parents especially fathers.
  3. Children learn best through example
  4. It honors parental authority
  5. It adds dynamics to relationships
  6. It reflects life
  7. It causes maturity at all levels
  8. It adds unity to the family.
  9. Peer groups rarely if ever create good things
  10. Statistics demonstrate that segregation doesn’t work.

For more information about FIC movement check out the National Center for Family Integrated Churches

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Joel Salatin on Imperialism and Farming

I recently came across these comments from Joel Salatin on imperialism and farming.  Sad insights into what our imperial leaders think.

Joel Salatin
Aug. 18, 2013

Why do we need more farmers? What is the driving force behind USDA policy? In an infuriating epiphany
I have yet to metabolize, I found out Wednesday in a private policy-generation meeting with Virginia Democratic
gubernatorial candidate Terry McCauliffe. I did and still do consider it a distinct honor for his staff to invite me as
one of the 25 dignitaries in Virginia Agriculture for this think-tank session in Richmond.

It was a who's who of Virginia agriculture: Farm Bureau, Va. Agribusiness Council, Va. Forestry Association,
Va. Poultry Federation, Va. Cattlemen's Ass., deans from Virginia Tech and Virginia State--you get the picture.
It was the first meeting of this kind I've ever attended that offered no water. The only thing to drink were soft drinks.
Lunch was served in styrofoam clam shells--Lay's potato chips, sandwiches, potato salad and chocolate chip cookie.
It didn't look very safe to me, so I didn't partake. But I'd have liked a drink of water. In another circumstance, I might
eat this stuff, but with these folks, felt it important to make a point. Why do they all assume nobody wants water,
nobody cares about styrofoam, everybody wants potato chips and we all want industrial meat-like slabs on white bread?

But I digress. The big surprise occurred a few minutes into the meeting: US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
walked in. He was in Terry McCauliffe love-in mode. And here is what he told us: for the first time--2012-- rural America
lost population in real numbers--not as a percentage but in real numbers. It's down to 16 percent of total population.

I'm sitting there thinking he's going to say that number needs to go up so we have more people to love and
steward the landscape. More people to care for earthworms. More people to grow food and fiber. Are you ready
for the shoe to drop? The epiphany? What could the US Secretary of Agriculture, at the highest strategic planning
sessions of our land, be challenged by other leaders to change this figure, to get more people in rural America, to
encourage farming and help more farms get started? What could be the driving reason to have more farmers?
Why does he go to bed at night trying to figure out how to increase farmers? How does the President and other
cabinet members view his role as the nation's farming czar? What could be the most important contribution that
increasing farmers could offer to the nation? Better food? Better soil development? Better care for animals?
Better care for plants?

Are you ready? Here's his answer: although rural America only has 16 percent of the population, it gives
40 percent of the personnel to the military. Say what? You mean when it's all said and done, at the end of the
day, the bottom line--you know all the cliches--the whole reason for increasing farms is to provide cannon
fodder for American imperial might. He said rural kids grow up with a sense of wanting to give something back,
and if we lose that value system, we'll lose our military might.

So folks, it all boils down to American military muscle. It's not about food, healing the land, stewarding
precious soil and resources; it's all about making sure we keep a steady stream of youngsters going into the
military. This puts an amazing twist on things. You see, I think we should have many more farmers, and have
spent a lifetime trying to encourage, empower, and educate young people to go into farming. It never occurred
to me that this agenda was the key to American military power.

Lest I be misread, I am not opposed to defending family. I am not opposed to fighting for sacred causes.
I am violently opposed to non-sacred fighting and meddling in foreign countries, and building empires. The
Romans already tried that and failed.

But to think that my agenda is key to building the American military--now that's a cause for pause. I will
redouble my efforts to help folks remember why we need more farmers. It's not to provide cannon fodder for
Wall Street imperialistic agendas. It's to grow food that nourishes, land that's aesthetically and aromatically
sensually romantic, build soil, hydrate raped landscapes, and convert more solar energy into biomass than
nature would in a static state. I can think of many, many righteous and noble reasons to have more farms.
Why couldn't he have mentioned any of these? Any?

No, the reason for more farms is to make sure we get people signing up at the recruitment office. That's
the way he sees me as a farmer. Not a food producer. When the president and his cabinet have their private
conflabs, they don't see farmers as food producers, as stewards of the landscape, as resource leveragers.
No, they view us as insurance for military muscle, for American empire building and soldier hubris. Is this
outrageous? Do I have a right to be angry? Like me, this raw and bold show of the government's farming
agenda should make us all feel betrayed, belittled, and our great nation besmirched.

Perhaps, just perhaps, really good farms don't feed this military personnel pipeline. I'd like to think our
kind of farming has more righteous goals and sacred objectives. Vilsack did not separate good farmers from
bad farmers. Since we have far more bad farmers than good ones, perhaps the statistic would not hold up
if we had more farmers who viewed the earth as something to heal instead of hurt, as a partner to caress
instead of rape. That America's farms are viewed by our leaders as just another artery leading into military
might is unspeakably demeaning and disheartening.

Tragically, I don't think this view would change with a different Democrat or Republican. It's entrenched
in the establishment fraternity. Thomas Jefferson, that iconic and quintessential agrarian intellectual, said
we should have a revolution about every half century just to keep the government on its toes. I'd say we're
long overdue.

Now when you see those great presidentially appointed cabinet members talking, I just want you to think
about how despicable it is that behind the facade, behind the hand shaking and white papers, in the private
by-invitation-only inner circles of our country, movers and shakers know axiomatically that farms are really
important to germinate more military personnel. That no one in that room with Terry McCauliffe, none of those
Virginia farm leaders, even blinked when he said that is still hard for me to grasp. They accepted it as truth,
probably saying "Amen, brother" in their hearts. True patriots, indeed.

It'll take me awhile to get over this, and believe me, I intend to shout this from the housetops. I'll incorporate
in as many public speeches as I can because I think it speaks to the heart of food and farming. It speaks to
the heart of strength and security; which according to our leaders comes from the end of a gun, not from the
alimentary canal of an earthworm. Here's to more healthy worms.

Episode – 143 Malachi

In this show you will hear a message I recently delivered to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi.  Join me in building your biblical worldview so that you can build a multi-generational spiritual legacy.  The outline is as follows:

  • The People of God are to Respond to God’s Love  1-5
  • The People of God are to Honor God 1:6-2:9
  • The People of God are to Be Faithful as God’s Covenant People  2:10-16
  • The People of God are to Hope in God’s Justice 2:17-3:6
  • The People of God are to Obey God 3:6-12
  • The People of God are to Fear God 3:13-4:6

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Episode – 137 Tribute to my Dad

In recognition of Father's day and in honor of my Dad this is a special episode.  It is shorter than normal and the quality is not up to par, but in this show I describe 7 qualities of my dad that have been an inspiration to me and for which I am grateful.  What kind of legacy are you passing on to your children?

Resources for Today's Show:

Episode – 136 Review of HEAV Conference

This past weekend I was able to attend the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) conference with some of my kids.  The HEAV is one of, if not the best homeschool conference in the country.  This is a short review on the conference and he speakers I was able to hear.  You can acquire an mp3 of all the conference speakers and I recommend doing so.  Also, be sure you become a part of the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)

Resources for Today' Show:

Episode- 131 Her Children Rise up and Call He Blessed

In today's show you will here the exposition of Proverbs 31:10-31 as a tribute to mother's on Mother's Day.  This is from the pulpit ministry of  Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.  I hope you find it encouraging and challenging.  The outline of the passage is below:

  • The Marriage of a Virtuous Women is Excellent 10-12.
  • The Behavior of a Virtuous Women is Excellent 13-24
  • The Character of a Virtuous Women is Excellent 25-27
  • The Family Life of a Virtuous Women is Excellent 28-29
  • The Spiritual Life of a Virtuous Women is Excellent 30-31

Resources for Today' Show:

Episode-117- Samuel as God’s New Leader

In this show you will hear a message I preached to the church in which I pastor, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from 1 Samuel 1-3.  It deals with the change of leadership from the house of Eli to Samuel and is quite instructive for those of us who want to leave a spiritual and family legacy.  The outline and principles are as follows:

The Birth of the New Leader 1:1-2:11
The Need for the New Leader 2:12-2:36
The Transition to the New Leader 3:1-18
Samuel is Recognized as the New Leader in Israel 3:19-21

Leadership Influence must Start in the Home.
Leadership Choice is under the Providence of God.
Leadership Failure has Devastating Consequences.                                      .

Resources for Today's Show:

Episode-115 The Four Marriage Laws

There are laws of nature such as the law of gravity and Campus Crusade for Christ has made known the Four Spiritual Laws.  Today I talk about the Four Marriage Laws.  These are taken mostly from Jimmy Evans in his book Marriage on the Rock: God's Design for Your Dream Marriage Here is an outline of today's show:

Gen 2:24 NKJV - Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

1) The law of Priority

  • gen 2:24 leave literally means “to loosen bands”  The idea is that a man is to be released from his primary obligation and association.
  • Only ones relationship with God should be superior to the marriage relationship
  • newly wed were released from many Jewish obligations
    • Deu 24:5 NKJV - "When a man has taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war or be charged with any business; he shall be free at home one year, and bring happiness to his wife whom he has taken.
  • Challenges
    • Inlaws (hasn’t properly left)
    • kids
    • church
    • work
    • hobbies
  • Set priorities and protect priorities
  • Make time for what is important
  • Don’t give the leftovers to what is important
  • Sgs 2:15 NKJV - [Her Brothers] Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines [have] tender grapes.

2) The Law of Pursuit

  • gen 2:24 ....and shall cleave to his wife. cleave “to adhere to”  As glue adheres one thing to another. “pursue after to overtake in order to be with”
  • work at it
  • pursue as you did while dating (example of riding across town to slip a note under Joanna’s door)
    • women after divorce going to the gymn everyday to loose weight.
    • guy who used to do kind things for the wife and had his attention on her now can’t get his attention away from ESPN
    • A woman who always dressed to impress but then after marriage always wears sweats and frumpy clothes.
    • why do we work so hard to impress and please complete strangers but put little work into pleasing our spouses.
    • It is taking them for granted.
  • feelings follow activity
    • story of the two employees who were going to quit but on the last day they gave it their all and learned that they really like what they did and did not quit.
  • If we would work at pursuing our spouses with intensity even if we don’t feel like it we will probably end up feeling like it.
  • Rev 2:5
    • Remember
    • Repent
    • Redo

3) The law of Possession

  • Gen 2:24 and they shall become one flesh
    • obviously in intercourse literally they become one flesh but more is meant in this.
    • Generally it is the concept of integration. combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole (Online Dictionary)
  • God owns everything
  • When you become married you know longer have the option of acting alone or
  • No separate lives
    • different checking accounts
    • your money and my money
    • My kids (in a blended family)
    • 1 person singular pronouns need to be replaced by 1 person plural pronouns.
  • No restrictions to access
    • 1Cor 7 1Cr 7:1 NKJV - Now concerning the things of which you wrote to me: [It is] good for a man not to touch a woman. 2 Nevertheless, because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. 3 Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband [does]. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife [does]. 5 Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again so that Satan does not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.
  • No secrets
  • Complete surrender and sharing of life together

4) The Law of Purity

  • Gen 2:25 NKJV - And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.
    • sexual differences could be openly expressed
    • they were unhindered and uninhibited in their intimacy
    • Their most sensitive areas could be exposed without fear.
    • They were without shame and had no need to hide or cover up.  A beautiful picture of purity
  • Sin messed and messes this up.
  • purity is being free from contamination
  • How to overcome impurity in marriage
    • Don’t hide yourself but expose yourself
    • confess your sins one to another
    • express your heart
    • Expose yourself outside to inside.
    • Repent when there is sin
    • Forgive when there is sin
    • Put up fences around your marriage
      • Don’t leave the gates open
        • Eye gate
        • Ear gate

Do you want to leave a legacy of a strong marriage?

  • Make your relationship to your spouse you number 2 relationship
  • Pursue you spouse with as much or more zeal as you did to catch them in the first place
  • Integrate everything in your life with that of your spouse
  • Expose yourself completely, fully, and unashamedly before your spouse

Resources for Today's Show:

Episode-111 – Deliverance through Debra and Barak

In this show you will hear a recording of a message I preached to the church in which I pastor, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Judges 4.  It is pretty hard hitting on challenging men to step up and take responsibility for those things to which God has called them.   The outline and principles of the text and message are below.


  1. Team one 1-3
  2. Team two 4-7
  3. Gathering of forces 8-12
  4. The Battle 13-24


  1. God will accomplish His Plan using whatever means necessary.
  2. When Men do not Step - Up there is a Crises in Leadership

Resources for Today's Show:

Introducing a new vendor for the Legacy Partners

Hey everyone.  I am excited to introduce to you Lee's Manufacturing Company.  They are the newest addition to the legacy partner vendors.  They are offering a 10% discount to all the legacy partners.  They provide unique, time-saving garden and kitchen related products.  Established in 1939, they are a family owned business and look forward to providing your family with corn cutters, pea shellers and nut crackers.  Check out their quality products at Lee's Manufacturing Company and then don't forget to get your 10% discount when you become a legacy partner.

Episode-110- Interview with my Dad about Family History and Genealogy Research

My family was blessed this week with a visit from my Dad, Joe Donahue,  who lives in Oregon.  I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about researching family history and genealogy since he has been doing so for about 15 years.  Here is what I asked him.

  • What got you interested in researching genealogy and our family history?
  • What should someone who is new to researching family history do to begin?
  • What are some resources that can be used to help in the research process?
  • What are some interesting stories you have learned about our family from doing your research?
  • What significance do you think there is in learning about your family history?
  • How do you think learning about your family history honors your family.



Resources for Genealogy research
- This site allows a number of searches and is tied in with which is a fee based site of the LDS church that has the largest databases, including many microfilms of the original church and civil records of many countries.  It also has the IGI [International genealogy Index] that is all the data on families submitted by members of the LDS church and often has info on family members not affiliated with the LDS church.  As with all info found on other sites, it is a good starting place and provides hints, but accuracy must always be checked.

h For genealogy in the United States after 1892, this site contains the names of all immigrants that entered the US through Ellis Island in New York.

The Castle Garden site contains some ship passenger lists and some immigration records before that time [from 1820-1892]. - This site is a general forum site for all the states in the US for discussions and databases dealing with genealogy. - This site is affiliated with shown above and with Family Tree Maker a software database for family genealogy that has places for information, citations, photos and other items as well as the ability to produce reports of various forms. - This site is probably the oldest continuous genealogy database and list compilation in various groupings for ease in use and is a must for any aspiring genealogist. - This site offers some census research and records without a fee. This site has all the records for original land patents issued by the US federal government.  It is searchable by name and state and contains over 5 million images of title records between 1820 and the present. This site is also an original genealogy site that has been in existence for a good deal of time.  It is now also affiliated with discussed above. This site is an example of one of many "one-name" sites dealing with all those interested in history and genealogy whose names are derived from the Gaelic O'Donnehadha. and These two sites and [affiliated with] contain accessible images of newspapers and search indexes to locate images by name.  The Library of Congress also has newspaper images and many other research tools and information. This is the US Federal Government's site for accessing archival records.  There are regional research centers as well as the national center of the National Archives in Washington D.C. where individuals can go to do research. This site has passenger lists for many of the ships that arrived in America and helps to find immigration information.

Many countries have multiple sites for genealogy and genealogical research.  One example for Ireland is

Resources for Today's Show:



Episode-107- Setting Goals and Plans for 2013

As 2013 approaches most people are thinking about what will happen during that year and what happened this past year.  The end of the year then is a great time to address the issue of goal setting and what is involved in that and how to achieve the best results from it.  There is a great book from which some of the subject matter of this podcast comes: Tommy Newberry's Success Is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices; Change Your Life.  Here are the Eight Rules to Effective Goal Settings:

  1. They must be written down
  2. They must be state in the present tense
  3. They must be stated positively
  4. They must be consistent with your core values and mission statement
  5. They must be specific and measurable
  6. They must be time-bound
  7. They must be balanced between reasonableness and challenge
  8. They must be thoroughly planned

 Resources for Today's Show:

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