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Episode – 139 The Suffering Messiah

For this show you will hear an unedited recording of the message I delivered to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Isaiah 53. I hope you find it helpful. A summary outline is below:

The atonement is desperately needed because we are a sinful people. The atonement came at a great price because […]

Episode – 138 Prayer to the Heavenly Father

This episode is an unedited recording of the message that I preached this last Sunday on Father’s day to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. The text for the message is Matthew 7:7-12. Note that because it is unedited there is no intro segment. This passage helps us to understand the relationship believers have […]

Episode – 137 Tribute to my Dad

In recognition of Father’s day and in honor of my Dad this is a special episode. It is shorter than normal and the quality is not up to par, but in this show I describe 7 qualities of my dad that have been an inspiration to me and for which I am grateful. What kind […]

Episode – 136 Review of HEAV Conference

This past weekend I was able to attend the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) conference with some of my kids. The HEAV is one of, if not the best homeschool conference in the country. This is a short review on the conference and he speakers I was able to hear. You can acquire an […]

Episode – 135 Wisdom from the Proverbs Part 2

This is part 2 of Wisdom from Proverbs. The second part of Proverbs is a potpourri of topics with vary little thematic structure. Yet there is a great deal of wisdom that helps us to develop a sound world view which is one of the tenants of the building a multi-generational legacy of abundance. This […]

Episode – 134 Wisdom from the Proverbs Part 1

Proverbs is the book of Wisdom. In it you will find short pithy saying that cover most all areas of life. This is a continuation of the series of the Essential 100 Bible passages from which I have been preaching. Thus this is a message of the mos recent sermon I delivered to the people […]

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