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Episode – 128 Challenging the Prophets of Baal

This passage of the Bible is one of my favorites. As we continue in the series of the essential 100 passages of the Old Testament we arrive this week at 1 Kings 18. It describes the momentous event on Mount Carmel where Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to have a contest on which deity […]

Episode- 127 Temple Dedication

This show is a recording of the message I preached to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from 1 Kings 8 on the dedication of Solomon’s Temple. Of course the temple no longer stands in Israel so it is important to understand the progressive revelation of God’s presence with His people. In this message I discuss that. […]

Episode-126 Wise Solomon

If you were to be granted one wish for what would you wish? Most of us are not given that luxery but King Solomon was. 1 Kings 3 records that event. This episode of TLP is a recording of the message I preached to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church on this event. Here is the outline:


Episode- 125 The Greatest Event in History

For those of us who are Christians we just celebrated the event that changed the world and is without a doubt the greatest event in History. The resurrection of Jesus is the foundational event of the Christian faith which is remembered each Sunday but especially once a year on Easter. This episode is a recording […]

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