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Episode-119 David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17 is probably the most popular story of the Old Testament. It is told to children over and over and over again in every children Bible book to where almost every child can tell you about the huge size of Goliath and the courage of David. It is indeed a story of courage […]

The Second Amendment in Action

I recently came across this video and thought that many of you may be interested in watching it. Unless we are able to maintain freedom in our land we will leave a legacy of tyranny and lack. This is a good reminder of why we have the second amendment.

Episode-118 We Want a King

When people get frustrated with their current government they want a new one. Israel, during the time of Samuel, was in such a situation. They were suppose to have God as their LORD but rejected Him and wanted a king as Lord like the nations around them. 1 Samuel chapter 8 teaches four important truths […]

Episode-117- Samuel as God’s New Leader

In this show you will hear a message I preached to the church in which I pastor, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from 1 Samuel 1-3. It deals with the change of leadership from the house of Eli to Samuel and is quite instructive for those of us who want to leave a spiritual and family […]

Episode-116 The Story of Ruth

In this show you will hear the message I preached to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from the book of Ruth. The story of Ruth is a great story of redemption in the midst of the corrupt time of the Judges. The outline and spiritual principles of the book are below:


Tragedy […]

Episode-115 The Four Marriage Laws

There are laws of nature such as the law of gravity and Campus Crusade for Christ has made known the Four Spiritual Laws. Today I talk about the Four Marriage Laws. These are taken mostly from Jimmy Evans in his book Marriage on the Rock: God’s Design for Your Dream Marriage Here is an outline […]

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