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A Great Example of Building A Legacy

Hey folks,

I came across this article today and wanted to pass it along. This couple has lived a long time together and has built a legacy. Notice what they said was the key (their faith in Jesus).

Marriage Legacy

What are you doing to build a multigenerational legacy of abundance?

Episode-101- Crossing To the Promised Land

In this show you will hear a teaching from Joshua 3-4. At this stage in Israel’s history they are preparing to go into the promised land but encounter the barrier of the Jordan River. God provides them access into the Promised land and in doing so provides a picture of the blessings of God’s grace […]

Episode-100- Introduction to Permaculture from a Biblical World View

This show is an evaluation of the the Prime Directive and three Ethics of Permaculture from a Biblical perspective. I discuss the relationship between the Prime Directive (which is to take responsibility for oneself and ones children) and building a mult-generational legacy of abundance. In evaluating the first ethic, which is Earth Care, I relate […]

Happy Thanksgiving Note to TLP Community

Hello TLP Community.

I just wanted to wish everyone of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. I was not able to get to the computer yesterday to get this note out to you so it is a little late but it still comes from my heart. One of the things for which I am […]

Episode-99- Be Strong and Courageous

In this show you will hear a recording of the message I preached to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church this last Sunday from Joshua 1. Joshua 1 records the transition of leadership to Joshua after the death of Moses. In it Joshua is commanded to be strong and courageous. The details of the […]

Episode-98- Cultural Capital

In this show we complete the series on the varies forms of capital. This last type of capital is Cultural Capital. First I review the eight different types or capital discussed.

Social Capital Material Capital Financial Capital Living Capital Intellectual Capital Experiential (Human) Capital Spiritual Capital Cultural Capital

I then discuss what Cultural Capital is.


Episode-97- The Golden Calf

In this show you will hear a recording of the message I preached this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Exodus 32 on the tragedy of the Golden Calf worship. Here is the outline of the passage:

The Building of the Calf 1-6 God’s reaction to the Idolatry 7-10 Moses Intercedes for the […]

Episode-96- Wisdom about public policy issues from William John Henry Boetcker

In this show you will hear my comments about ten maxims originally recorded by Rev. Boetcker almost 100 years ago but still very applicable to current public policy issues.

First are a few of my election 2012 comments: Election results reflect the will of the people . If we want different results it starts with […]

Episode-95- The Ten Commandments

In this show you will hear a message I delivered to the church in which I pastor, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church on Exodus 20 the Ten Commandments. It is just a brief sketch of the law since it is too time consuming to cover them all in depth in one message.

The First Commandment deals […]

Episode-94- The Father as a Priest In His Home

Join me for today’s show where I talk about the role of the father as a priest in his home. Learn about the three roles of a priest (a worship leader, a consecrated example, and an intercessor) and how these three roles can be played out in the context of ones home and family.

Resources […]

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