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Episode-86- Economic Freedom Report

Join me in this show for a commentary on the Economic Freedom of the World Report

In this report we find that the US is slipping quickly in its economic freedom. The question is how far down the list will we fall? Here is the outline of the show.

1) What kind of legacy […]

Episode-85- The Father as King of His Home

The father is to serve in his family as King, Prophet, and Priest. In this show you will hear some ways in which the father can exercise his role as king in his home. Join me as we look at 5 ways the father does this.

The father leads his family The father provides for […]

Episode-84- Providence of God through Pain

In this show you will hear a recording of the message I delivered to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Exodus 1 and part of Chapter 2. The theme of the passage is God’s providence particularly as it relates to preparing the nation of Israel for deliverance and preparing Moses to be […]

Episode-83- Intellectual Capital

In this show we discuss the 6th of 8 forms of capital first discussed by Ethan C. Roland of Appleseed Permaculture which is intellectual capital. Here is an outline of what is discussed.

What is Intellectual Capital: The knowledge that you have on any particular subject specifically and all things combined generally.

Some benefits of […]

Episode-82- Reconciliation

In this show you will hear a recoding of the message I preached to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 45-46:7 on The Blessings of Reconciliation. The outline is as follows:

1-4 Joseph reveals his true identity 5-8 Joseph testifies to the providence of God 9-24 Preparations to move Jacob to Egypt […]

The Real Problem with our Economy

This video speaks for itself and is a must see.

Episode-81- 6 Types of Government

When most people think of types of government they think about Democracy, Communism, Fascism, or some of the other forms. This show is not about those or the levels of government between Federal, State, and Local. Those all technically are one type of government Civil Government. In today’s show I briefly discuss Civil Government but […]

Episode-80- Living Capital

In this show you will hear about one of the eight forms of capital namely, Living Capital. These were originally described in Ethan C. Roland of Appleseed Permaculture. Living capital is resources and assets that are alive in some way. Obviously, most people are familiar with some forms of living capital such as livestock […]

Ron Paul on War

Here is a great video of Ron Paul before Congress explaining time and time again the problems with war and our foreign policy. It is a long video but well worth listening to.

Episode-79- Tested Character

In this show you will hear a message from Genesis 42-44 where Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt to buy grain and how Joseph tests the character in the process. The Outline is as follows


1)The first set of tests 42

The ten sons of Jacob go to Egypt to buy grain 1-5 […]

Episode-78- Financial Capital

In this show I talk about the third of eight forms of capital identified by Ethan C. Roland of Appleseed Permaculture which is Financial Capital. Join me as I talk about:

What is Financial Capital? What are some examples Financial Capital? Why is it important to have Financial Capital? How do we […]

Episode-77- Prison to Palace

Today’s show is a recording of the message I preached this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 41. The outline of the message is as follows:

Pharaoh’s two dreams which no one can interpret 1-8 The Cupbearer finally remembers Joseph 9-13 Joseph is called and told the dreams 14-24 Joseph […]

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