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Episode-68- Principles for Order in the Home

In this episode you will hear a short discussion about sixteen principles that we try to follow in our home to keep order. Many of these principles are direct applications from the ten commands and others are general biblical principles. Some of them are simply practical. My goal is that you take these and adapt […]

Government shuts down a young entrepreneur to protect property tax revenues

Periodically on The Legacy Podcast I like to point out the way in which government and other organizations infringe on the rights of individuals and free markets. Here is the latest one. What makes this most tragic is that this young entrepreneur had saved his capital to invest it in business (which is what capitalism […]

Episode-67- Tested Faith

In this episode you will hear a recording of the message I preached at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church this past Lord’s Day. The text for the message is Genesis 22 where Abraham is asked by God to go to the land of Moriah and offer Isaac the son of promise as an offering. Some of […]

Soil Block/Cube Maker Review

Below you will find a short review of two different soil block/cube makers. Soil blocks are a great way to start seeds because they prevent much of the transplant shock, keep from having to keep all kinds of plastic trays around or purchase new ones each year, and they enhance germination because of the moisture […]

Episode-66- Seven Reasons to Have Family Integrated Worship

On any given Sunday morning in churches across America the family is segregated into different worship services. Typically, if the children are in the “adult worship service” at all it is only for the first part where there is a lot of singing and then they are dismissed to “children’s church”. In some churches the […]

Episode-65- Discussion about Farmageddon with my Son

In this show I am pleased to have my son Graham with me as we discuss the movie Farmageddon. You will want to watch this movie if you are at all interested in farming and or freedom. The show is about the government authorities effort to execute the law on various small farmers. Join TLP […]

Episode-64- God’s Covenant with Abram

In this show you will hear the message I delivered this Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 15 on the Covenant God made with Abram. Even though the message of the passage was given to Abram more than 4,000 years ago the implications are important for us today. His covenant promises a people […]

Episode-63- Nine Tips for Retirement Investing

In today’s show I discuss nine tips that can help you in your retirement investing. It is important if you are planning on leaving a financial legacy to invest for the time when you cannot work for money and your money has to start working for you. This is what retirement is. Join me today […]

Episode-62- Rabbits

Rabbits are growing in popularity as a sustainable food source. I am on my second year of raising rabbits so I am certainly not an expert but in this show I will tell you what I have learned so far about raising rabbits for food. Join me for today’s show where I address the following:


Compost Sifter

Here is a video of a compost sifter I made today.

Episode-61- The Tower of Babel

In this episode you will hear the message I delivered to the congregation of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church this last Sunday on Genesis 11:1-9, the Tower of Babel. The outline is as follows:


The setting 1-2 The Sin of Man 3-4 The Solution of God: Judgement 5-9 The New Situation 9


We must […]

Solar Dehydrator

Hey everyone. I built a solar dehydrator recently and wanted to show you all what the almost finished product looks like. It was a pretty simple construction. I had most of the material laying around already. I tried one batch of mint in in already and it turned out pretty good. I will try the […]

Episode-60- 6 Conflict Areas in Marriage and What to Do with Them

As is mentioned repeatedly on The Legacy Podcast, a strong marriage is crucial in building a multi-generational legacy of abundance. Unfortunately, marriages do not come without difficulties or problem. Join me for today’s show as I address 6 of the biggest problems in marriage and some solutions. Here is the outline:

1) Communication

Problem: Difference […]

Episode-59- 5 Essentials for Financial Success

Financial Success is essential to building a legacy in many respects. Further, there are certain essentials to achieving success financially. They are not often hard to understand but they are often hard to do because they require maturity of character to accomplish them. Join the show today to hear a discussion of these five essentials:


Episode-58- The Flood

This episode is a recording of the message I preached at church in which I pastor from Genesis 6-9 on the flood. I was a little off on this message but hopefully you will still be able to gain some value in better understanding the environment in which we now live as a result of […]

Episode-57- Time Management

We are only given so much time in this life in which to build a legacy which means that we need to make the most of every moment. In this episode I share some tips and principles that I have learned about time management. The most important time management principle is knowing what activities fall […]

The Importance of Mulch

Here is a video I took of two places in the garden one with mulch and one without. The contrast is significant.

Episode-56- Twelve Things You Can Do To Advance Your Personal Liberty

Happy 4th of July. In honor of the celebration of Independence day here in the US in this show I will talk about 12 things that you ca do to advance your personal liberty. You may be already be doing some of these things which is great. If not, pick one or two of them […]

Episode-55- Three Anti-liberty News Items

One the goals of The Legacy Podcast is to help inspire and educate others on issues related to personal liberty. Today’s episode looks at three issues that have been in the news that are examples of the the anti-liberty actions of the government at all levels. The first one is an issue that occurred in […]

Power outage

Hey everyone. I wanted to get an update out to everyone since I have not done a podcast in several days. We have been without power now about 36 hours with no anticipation of soon repair. As a result I have had no use of my computer. My iPhone has an app allowing me to […]

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