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Episode-54- Teaching Your Kids to Work

In order achieve a multi-generational legacy of abundance it takes a lot of work from each generation. In this episode I talk about 8 principles that can help teach your kids to work. I first discuss some reasons why it is important to pass on a strong work ethic and then the 8 principles. Here […]

Episode-53- 15 Farming Terms You Should Know

There are a lot of food labels that are suppose to help the consumer make better food choices but how good are they? Today’s show discusses 15 of the most common farming terms and how they effect the food that you eat. Here are the fifteen terms that are discussed:

Organic All natural Naturally grown […]

Episode-52- The Fall Genesis 3

Genesis 3 is the beginning of the fall of mankind. It records the original sin of Adam and Eve. In this show you will hear a recording of the message I delivered to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 3. The outline is as follows:

1) The Tempter 1-5 His methods 1) He exploited their […]

Episode-51- 15 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know

Many times people use terms with the thought that everyone else knows what is meant by these terms. I don’t want to do that. So in this episode I discuss 15 basic financial terms that everyone should know so that if you don’t know them after this episode you should be able to. If you […]

Episode-50- Interview with Eli Jones about Courtship

In this show you will hear an interview with Eli Jones. I had the privilege of residing over the marriage of Eli and Allison a few years back and was impressed with the process of courtship that they went through. As a result, I wanted to bring him on TLP to talk about courtship. We […]

Episode-49- Interview with Doug Pruiett

In this episode I interview Doug Pruiett who has recently started a family business. I interview him on why and how he started his business with the hope to inspire others to start a family business where the next generation can be discipled, learn a trade, and contribute to society and the church.

Pruiett and […]

Episode-48- A Good Father and His Relationship To His Son, John 5:17-31

In this episode you will hear a message I delivered at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church for Father’s Day from John 5:17-31 on A Good Father and His Relationship to His Son. The outline is as follows:

A Good Father Works with the Son to Accomplish Their Mission 5:17 A Good Father Sets an Example for […]

Episode-47- The Theft of Property Taxes

In this show I talk about my encounter with a county worker who took my tax money this morning about the difference between theft and property taxes.

I ask the question: What is the difference between Theft and Taxes?

I also discuss what I consider some important principles relating to this subject. 1) The government […]

Episode-46- The Consumer Side of Food Legacy

In this show I talk about the Consumer side of food legacy. I address 6 considerations for those who are not producing their own food but want to be good stewards of resources Why this is an important topic?

Not everyone is able to produce significant amounts of their own food. Someone else had to […]

Devaluing the Dollar

I saw this come through one of my feeds and had to post it. It shows the biggest threat we have economically, the devaluing of our dollar through Federal Reserve Policy.

045- Tips on Prayer

In this show I talk about some tips on prayer that have helped me in prayer. First I discuss the importance of becoming better at prayer and then I discuss 10 tips to improved prayer.

Why improve prayer? Better model Better teacher Better expression to God

10 Tips

Memorize the Scripture and pray them Use […]

044- Genesis 2: The Paradise of Eden

In this show you will hear a message I delivered for Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 2 on the Paradise of Eden. The text divisions are as follows: Summary Setting 4-7 God’s Provision of Abundance for Man 8-9 The Geography of Eden 10-14 God’s Purpose of Stewardship for Man 15 God’s Protection of Innocence […]

I have corrected the audio links for episodes 11,17, and 18

A couple of weeks ago I was notified by a listener that episode 11, 17, and 18 were all linked to episode 9 audio. I have corrected that problem so if you had encountered the same problem I apologize and you can now listen to the correct audios. Thanks for notifying me of this, and […]

043- The National Debt and A Legacy of Indebtedness, Servitude, and Poverty

In this show I talk about the National Debt and the legacy of indebtedness, servitude, and poverty that it is leaving. I answer three questions: What is the extent of the problem? What caused the problem? and What are some solutions?

Nehemiah 5 discusses a similar economic problem

Resources for today’s show:

Mises Institute

National […]

42- Compost

In this show I talk about compost. The questions, What is it? Why do it? How to do it? Ways to do it? How to apply it? are all answered in this show.

What is compost?

decayed organic matter It is part of the Created Cycles of abundance Nitrate cycle Composting plant and animal wastes […]

Broadfork Review

In this video I give a broadfork review by comparing and contrasting the Bully Tools broadfork and Valley Oak Tools broadfork. A broadfork is a great tool for the gardener to work the ground to a deeper depth than a tiller while at the same time not destroying the soil structure.


041- Investment Risks

Join me for a short look at the various investment risks and their relationship to various products and investment vehicles. You can see the relationship in the chart below. What this shows is that whatever investment you choose you have to be willing to accept the risk of the investment.

Investment risk

So what should […]

040- In the Beginning

In this show you will hear the message I delivered this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from Genesis 1. The Creation Evolution debate is a hot one these days. The account of Creation as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2 is clear in its description of God as the Creator. The text reveals […]

039- Interview with Scott Brown

Join me in this episode as I talk with Scott Brown. Scott T. Brown is the director of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches and elder at Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Scott graduated from California State University in Fullerton with a degree in History and received a Master of Divinity […]

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