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038- Fifteen Financial Myths

In this show I talk about 15 Financial Myths that I have heard repeatedly over the years. Buying into these myths could derail your finances and prevent a financial legacy. Here they are:

1) A house is a great investment because it always goes up in value

See Chart

The gauge is down about 35% […]

037- Filling your Spouses Love Bank

In this episode I talk about filling your spouses love bank by loving him or her the way he or she wants. This material is taken from Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages and Willard F. Harley, Jr.’s book Fall in Love Stay in Love and revised by me.

Here are the 10 desires […]

036- John 21

This show is a recording of the message I preached at Mt. Tabor Baptist from John 21. In this chapter John discusses the encounter of Jesus with seven of the disciples on the beach of the Sea of Tiberius, the restoration of Peter, and the concluding words of John the writer of the Gospel.


Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God

Hey everyone. I finished the book Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God a couple of weeks ago and want to recommend it to everyone who is interested in farming from a Biblical World view. The idea of the book is to help cultivate “A Biblical Vision for God-Glorifying Agriculture” which helps to identify […]

Back to Eden Film

Hey Everyone. A friend of mine just introduced me to the film, Back to Eden. It is an excellent movie on the importance of “covering” the soil. The movie is exceptional for a number of reason. First, it’s quality is excellent. The producers of the film did not skimp on quality including some fantastic shots […]

035- Interview with Larry Horsey about Financial Education and Building a Legacy

In this episode I talk with Larry Horsey, the owner of Heroes Academy, about gaining a financial education, building a small business, and leaving a legacy. Heroes Academy educates people on various financial products and services as well as educates licensed financial professionals on how to help others. Join us as we discuss:

What Heroes […]

034- Protecting Farm Animals from Predators

You cannot build a farming legacy if all your livestock are eaten by predators so today’s show is about the importance of protecting farm animals from predators. I thought about this after I had a run-in with a coyote.

Our most recent farm predator

So in this show I talk about the threat of […]

033- Hydrological Cycle and what to do about it.


The Hydrological Cycle or Water Cycle is a gift from God for our abundance. It is the movement of water across the globe. The key is being able to take the most advantage of it on your property. In this show I discuss four ways water leaves your property and some ways to slow […]

032- The Resurrection

This show is a recording of the message I preached this Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church from John 20 about the resurrection. I walk through the text and then explain three implication that we can conclude from the text.

1) There are ample confirmations to the Resurrection

2) No amount of evidence will convince […]

031- Your Legacy Drawer

In this show we talk about your legacy drawer. This is a folder, drawer, or some other devise that can hold all your important documents. I discuss the reasons for having a legacy drawer as well as what to put into the drawer. You can see a list of most of the items I recommend […]

030- The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards is considered the most influential preacher, the greatest thinker, and best theologian American has ever produced. In this show I talk about the legacy of Jonathan Edwards and 8 qualities I think that were large contributing factors in his ability to leave a legacy.

His model of ministry discipleship He married well. Lots […]

029- Thirteen Reasons to have a Will

About 70% of Americans do not have a will. 74% of parents with minor children do not have wills. This ought not be. Legacy builders have wills! So today’s show is a brief look at 13 reasons to acquire and keep up to date your will. Here are the thirteen reasons to have a will:


028- The Crucifixion of Jesus

In this show we look at John 19:17-42 and the crucifixion with a particular emphasis on the relationship that Jesus had with His mother. Text Divisions: The Setting for the Crucifixion 17-19 The Charge for the Crucifixion 20-22 The Prize for the Crucifixion 23-24 The Onlookers to the Crucifixion 25-27 The Completion of the Crucifixion […]

027- Starting a Family Business

In this show I look at some questions you should ask yourself before starting a family business that will help you evaluate why and what kind of business you should start. When you own your own business or work for yourself you can have more freedom, better opportunity to disciple your kids, greater influence, and […]

026- Helps for Meditating on Scripture

In this show I talk about some helpful techniques to meditating on Scripture. Meditating on them is not a mystic nothingness as eastern religions might teach. Rather, meditating on the Scriptures is thinking it over as you focus on it in detail. This is important for us who want to leave a spiritual legacy because […]

025- Chicken Processing

We did our first chicken processing of the season today and thought I would use the opportunity to share with TLP comunity the steps we take to process our chickens.

The first step is taking them from their live pen to the killing station.







After the killing station […]

024- The Trials of Jesus

Join me in this episode as we look at John 18-19 and the trials of Jesus. There is so much drama and dilemmas in the trials of Jesus that are instructive for us. The following are basic devisions of the passage:

His Arrest 18:1-11 His First Trial before Annas and Ciaphas 18:12-23 His Second Trial […]

023- Building Good Soil

In this episode I talk about building good soil. First I talk about why building good soil is important for those of us who want to build a legacy. Then I discuss 7 ways to build soil:

Herbivores on pasture Mulch No tilling Compost Cover Crop Rotate crops and Polyculture Don’t spray

Be sure to […]

022- How to Have Family Devotions

In this episode I talk about the elements and aspects of having family devotions. Join in to learn of the four elements and seven helps that I cover. It should inspire you to take the next step in family devotions.

For Hank Hanegraaff’s Legacy Reading Plan

For Walk thru the Bible Ministries where you can […]

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