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021- A Debt Free Legacy

In this episode I go back to the 10 Step Weath plan and discuss step five, becoming debt free. This is a shorter show but incredibly important. Listen as I discuss the reasons why as well as the means to get out of debt.

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020- The Prayer of Jesus

This episode is the message I delivered this past Sunday at the church in which I am a pastor from John 17. It should help you build a Biblical Worldview which is essential to a legacy of abundance. In this episode you will hear a discussion on the 6 petitions of Jesus as recorded in […]

019- A Tree as a Symbol of a Legacy

In this episode I discuss why I chose a tree as a symbol for The Legacy Podcast. Among the many things that we can learn from a tree there are six I discuss here that relate to building a legacy.

A legacy like a tree can last for generations. A legacy like a tree […]

018- Five Reasons to Start the Practice of Family Devotions

In this episode I discuss probably the single most important activity you can do as a family to build a multi-generational legacy of abundance, the family devotions. In a future episode I will talk about the elements of a family devotions but in this one I hope to inspire those who aren’t currently doing family […]

017- Four Trends that Effect Family Unity

In this episode I discuss four major trends that have effected family unity. They are trends that we all face but must work to control or they will fracture and destroy our families.

Listen as we discuss:

The Industrial Revolution and the work place trend Implementation of age segregated instruction in all areas of life […]

016- Change from John 16:5-33

In this podcast you will hear a message I delivered to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church this last Sunday from John 16:5-33. It is on the change that would take place as a result of the death, resurrection, and ascent of Christ and the descent of the Holy Spirit. The outline is as follows:

Introduction 5-7 […]

Review of Abundaculture

I want to start providing reviews of Legacy building resources for you and here is the first one. This is a review of the book Abundaculture by Jack Dody. It has as a subtitle “Pathways to God’s Abundance”. The value of this resources can not be minimized for anyone interested in self sufficiency, especially from […]

015- Mindset of a Legacy Builder

In this episode I talk about 5 aspects of the Mindset of a Legacy Builder.

Legacy Builders must be:

Principled Long Term minded Responsible Humble Passionate

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014- Where have all our Freedoms gone?

In this episode I ramble on about the ever intrusive government into our lives.

Sometimes it is good to pause and look at how invasive the government intrusion is in our day to day activities.

Are you free to live in whatever and whereever you want? Are you free to own whatever pet you want? […]

013- Life Insurance in the Legacy Building Wealth Plan

In this episode I continue walking up the 10 Wealth Building Steps I started in Episode 3.

This episode answers the following questions:

What role does life insurance play in building a legacy? What kinds of life insurance are there and what are the differences? What kind of insurance do I need? How to find […]

012- Christians and the World

This episode is a message I delivered this last Sunday at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. The text is John 15:17-16:4. It is divided into three parts. Much of the message is related to persecuted Christians

2 reasons why there is hatred toward Christians 2 reasons why there is no excuse to hate Christ 4 responses […]

011- Family Farming as Means of Building a Legacy

In this episode I discuss three reasons why a family farm can be great for building a legacy.

A family farm provides a great learning experience for future generations A family farm provides a great healthy experience for future generations A family farm provides a great asset to pass on to future generations

What kind […]

010- Homeschooling to Build a Legacy

In this episode I talk about five reasons why homeschooling is most suited to building a legacy.

Relationship/socialization is superior with homschooling Instruction is more suited to building a legacy of adundance Time flexability and effeciency contributes to the suitability of homeschooling The environment fostered by homeschooling helps to build a legacy It is God’s […]

009- Thirty-two Ways to Spend Less Money

In this episode we look at step 1 of the 10 Step Wealth Building plan by briefly covering 32 ways of spending less money. Here are the 32 ways we discussed.

Have a budget and stick to it. ( Eat out less often especially for lunch. Pack your lunch. Have a list when you go […]

008- The Greatest Event In History

In this episode you will here a message about the Resurrection of Jesus, which is the greatest event in history.

It is a message from Matthew 28:1-8

Without the resurrection of Jesus from the dead our faith would be without hope. Without the resurrection of Jesus from the dead we could not trust Him because […]

007- Three Threats to Liberty

In this episode I cover what I believe are three critical threats to our liberty.

1. The wrong mindset. The mindset of dependence on government, employers, parents, etc. is pervasive and problematic. So is the mindset of victomization and the entitlement mindset. The mindset of fear has also caused us to loose our personal liberties. […]

006- Stewardship Farming

In this episode I talk about:

What is stewardship farming? What are the principles of stewardship farming? Farming abundance is provided by God and reflected in His character Farming abundance requires Tending with Anticipation Farming abundance is found in working with God’s Created laws, patterns, and cycles. Farming abundance and generosity are correlated. Some of […]

005- Building the B.E.S.T. Marriage for a Family Legacy

This show is about building a strong marriage. Most of the material is taken from the book

Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat, MD. and Gloria Okes Perkins

Essential to having the BEST marriage



Do not curse or wish bad to your spouse but only good

Be empathetic and understanding


004- John 15:1-17

This is a message I delivered this past Sunday from John 15 on the Fruit of Love.

3 divisions to the 15:1-17

1. The Source of Love. 1-8 Abide in Jesus

2. The Manifestation of Love. 9-11 Abide in His Love 9

3. The Example of Love. 12-17 Love one Another

What kind of legacy […]

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